Industry Engagement Committee

Jacqueline Franco

Why did you get involved with IAA SC? “After years on the YP committee,I stayed closely connected to the IAA. When the opportunity to head up the Social Committee arose, I jumped at the chance and am still here several years later due to the incredible connections I have made both personally and professionally due

Sammi Huang

Why did you get involved with IAA SC? “I was introduced to the IAA earlier this year and have only heard good things, making it a no-brainer to get involved with the social committee when the opportunity came around. Considering I’m in the early stages of my career, it has been a privilege to be

Ella Scholfield

Why did you get involved with IAA SC? “One of my main reasons for joining our industry to begin with was to meet and learn from people around the world, being a part of the IAA SC enhances this further! The past couple of years have been so challenging and intense for everyone, to be

Conor McHale

Why did you get involved with IAA SC? “One of my first experiences in media was the Summer Ball back in 2016, when I had only been in the industry for a few weeks. I was blown away by the sheer number of people who attended and how fun the event was. After recently moving

Chris Twining

Why did you get involved in the IAA SC? “I started my career on the international side at MediaCom back in 2014 and almost straight away I was exposed to the IAA community and how everyone mutually had a connection through it. This led to me forming close friendships with a number of the members

Holly Harrison

Why did you get involved with IAA SC? “I had the pleasure of Fred coming to speak at my company five years ago when I was at Viacom and was inspired by the IAA given my position in the international partnerships space. I immediately wanted to get involved and asked him if any positions were

Jeetesh Luhar

Why did you get involved with the IAA ELC? “I was fortunate enough to attend PAC, my first IAA event, a few weeks into the very beginning of my media career. My then manager told me to “enjoy every moment as this opportunity won’t come around again.’” Little did we both know that somehow I’ve

IAA London