Jeetesh Luhar

Why did you get involved with the IAA ELC?
“I was fortunate enough to attend PAC, my first IAA event, a few weeks into the very beginning of my media career. My then manager told me to “enjoy every moment as this opportunity won’t come around again.’” Little did we both know that somehow I’ve been able to attend PAC in some form every year since my delegate year. But if you want to advance your career and network to the levels of Zeus upon Mount Olympus, then being part of the IAA is the epicentre of where you need to be. So when the opportunity came my way to join the ELC of the IAA, I didn’t hesitate to grasp this moment with both hands.”

What’s the best thing about the ELC?
“Historically, being part of the ELC involved being nominated by your media peers to join. So this gives you some kind of validation and recognition that what you do as your day to day job… is not bad. And with this Committee you’re able to build a stronger network than Virgin Media on a windy day. You’ll also be able to help bring in the next generation of the media industry and help mentor and watch them grow… or spend money with you if they’re Agency side. You get the chance to meet and connect with people from all aspects of Media – Agency side, Owner side, or even one of the new hot Ad Tech vendors.”

What advice would you give to someone wanting to join the committee?
“Do it. Any other hesitations, talk to me so I can slap the right decision into you (figuratively speaking).”

How are you finding your time on the committee?
“Very enlightening. This industry moves very quickly so it’s good to be bang smack in the middle of it with the IAA where we can host and run specific events from all aspects of Media, as well as a cheeky pub quiz or bowling event. You want to know what to do in a post cookie world? Come to the IAA. You want to know which one of Henry VIII’s wives got her head chopped off? Come to the IAA. You also end up making many friends for life where you actually might get excited to meet on a weekend instead of a Media Thursday.”

Fun fact about yourself!
“I landed in LA two days before Michael Jackson died. LA ended up becoming a shrine for him with his music being played everywhere. We went to Neverland where crowds were gathered and also by his Hollywood Star. I ended up being interviewed on some Argentinian news channel pretending that I came all the way from the UK on the next flight once I heard the news (I didn’t). The interviewer then abruptly ended the interview when I said Ronaldo is better than Messi.”