Luca Goaten

Why did you get involved with the IAA ELC?
“The main driver for me stemmed from both having attended PAC 2021 and having met other members of the committee at various IAA events throughout the course of the year. Last year was my first in the industry and I wanted to immerse myself in everything it had to offer. As a result, immediately finding myself among a welcoming environment and community of brilliantly talented individuals at similar stages in their careers, especially after having only just moved to London, solidified my desire to be a part of that for others going forward in the future, too.”

What’s the best thing about the ELC?
“The opportunity to develop relationships, expand your skill set and, above all, have a lot of fun in the process. For a lot of people, the IAA is their first opportunity to engage with the wider media industry as a whole, and it’s a real ‘Alice in Wonderland/through the wardrobe into Narnia’ kind of moment when you realise the breadth and depth of the industry.”

What advice would you give to someone wanting to join the committee?
“Make yourself known, attend events, don’t be afraid to be ambitious, and if you have an idea get in touch.”

How are you finding your time on the committee?
“I’ve only just joined but everyone has been suspiciously great and welcoming thus far!”

Fun fact about yourself!
“I play sax and once went on tour in Europe as part of a jazz band.”

IAA London