Breannah Anderson

Why did you get involved with IAA TLC?
“Speaking to a committee member, involvement in the TLC seemed like a brilliant opportunity to be involved in more client slide conversations that matter within the industry. Within my role, it can be easy to not see much further than my section of the business world, so, I joined with the desire to hear perspectives and viewpoints wider than my sector alone.”

What part of getting involved in the committee are you most looking forward to?
“Meeting others within the industry and hearing their perspective on topics that define our ever-changing business landscape. I look forward to offering my perspective and getting involved in these fabulous events I’ve heard about!”

What is a fun fact about you?
“My grandma is Pamela Anderson.”

What do you hope to bring to the IAA TLC?
“I hope to bring a unique perspective to the committee alongside my enthusiasm and zeal for business. I hope with my background in digital agency work that I’m able to offer expert knowledge in digital.”

What would you say to someone considering joining the committee?
“It is a fab opportunity to network and get involved in stellar events!”

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