Andrew Leggate

Why did you get involved with IAA PDC?
“I attended our Speed Mentoring event a few years back and thought it was such a good concept and had been wanting to involve myself more in the industry outside of my job so I thought it was the perfect opportunity.”

What’s the best thing about the PDC?
“The events we organise really look to help and add value to people in advertising, whether they’re fairly new and looking for some guidance/mentoring or business owners wanting some inspiration from industry leaders, it’s a really good feeling to be the facilitator of that!”

What advice would you give to someone who was considering joining the committee?
“Just go for it! It’s a great opportunity to grow your network and meet new people in the industry outside of your company.”

How are you finding your time on the committee?
“Has been an absolute pleasure so far, looking forward to what this year brings!”

IAA London