Rebecca Rogers

Why did you get involved with IAA SC?
“I knew someone on the committee who was always raving about how rewarding it is to be involved so when a spot came up I jumped at the chance.”

What’s the best thing about the SC?
“Getting to work with some of the most enthusiastic people in the industry! Even though we don’t know each other well, on the few occasions that we have got together face to face, it has been like catching up with besties, the energy is next level.”

What advice would you give to someone who was considering joining the committee?
“Do it! If you like being surrounded by creative, energetic people this is a great opportunity. It does help to have a good book of contacts and/or be comfortable reaching out to new people to ask for things but there’s also a chance to get involved in more creative stuff like working with the event planners which isn’t most people’s day job!”

How are you finding your time on the committee?
“Loving it, I was worried it would take quite a bit of time but apart from the last couple of weeks before a big event it’s really manageable and our catch up calls are a good way of keeping up with things going on in the industry from the different members view points.”