Nicole Revers

Why did you get involved with IAA PDC?
“I was working client side looking to partner with the best industry associations on events that delivered value for members – the wonderful Will Nicholson introduced me to Fred, Katie and the folk on the PDC and that was that!”

What’s the best thing about the PDC?
“It’s a great way to give back and to develop fantastic relationships too. You get the opportunity to help put on awesome professional events, work with a wonderful team, build your own network, meet people you wouldn’t otherwise have, and help people navigate pivotal points in their career through the connections and discussion space created by the professional development committee events.”

What advice would you give to someone who was considering joining the committee?
“Just get stuck in – you won’t regret it!”

How are you finding your time on the committee?
“Incredibly rewarding, and a great opportunity for my own continued professional development too.”

Why did you want to join the committee?
“To further my professional network while helping to contribute something of real value to the next generation of professionals coming up in the industry.”