Adam McGlashan

Why did you get involved with IAA PDC?
“I really love this industry and the types of people it attracts. I think it’s important to get involved and give back, to always be learning and re-learning and to surround yourself with diverse and inspiring people who can open your mind up to new ways of thinking and being. Moving over to London from Australia in 2019, joining the IAA Professional Development Committee was the perfect way to bring this all to life.”

What’s the best thing about the PDC?
“We have a full calendar of really well-crafted events that add value to all different stages of your career. They have a very pragmatic lens so there are instant implications to what you do, but also full of inspiration to push your thinking further and what you want to get out of your career and this industry. I love the team I’m able to work with. They’re very passionate about helping to elevate people’s careers and ambitions – connecting professionals together and delivering great laughs and banter along the way.”

What advice would you give to someone who was considering joining the committee?
“Lean in! It’s an amazing opportunity to give back to others and the industry, to learn new skills, to meet like-minded people, have a laugh and raise your scope outside of your agency day-to-day role. It requires time, energy and stamina outside of your daily grind, but definitely worth it.”

How are you finding your time on the committee?
“It’s been a joy. It’s been just what I was hoping for in terms of connecting with like-minded people, growing my skills outside of my agency role, helping others to grow theirs and just generally being involved in something that feels very progressive and meaningful. It’s a lovely team of quick thinkers and doers who love to have fun, and we get to create initiatives that actually make a difference to people socially and professionally, which is awesome.”

Why did you want to join the committee?
“To connect with other passionate people who were also driven to give back to the industry and help others develop their careers, whilst growing their own skills, knowledge and passion in the process.”