Leaders View 2023 Forecast

In times of rapid change, IAA taps into its expert members in different sectors of the marketing communications industry from all around the world, to share their predictions for the year. In the next 2 months we’ll roll out the “IAA LeadersView Forecast 2023” campaign. Some of our most seasoned experts in the industry will share their take on what this year will bring and how brands should rethink their 2023 marketing strategies in response.

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“We all know that in times of economic downturn and turmoil, it can be tempting to cut back on marketing and advertising efforts in order to save money. However, this could be a major mistake. Now more than ever, it is important to maintain and even increase your brand’s visibility in order to stay top of mind with consumers and use marketing to drive future sales and future cash flow.”

Fredrik Borestrom
President, IAA UK

“Attention based metrics will be the defining currency of digital media performance for this year and beyond. Harnessing exposure and engagement data points will help brands and agencies to drive high quality business outcomes and deeper level of insight for audiences, creative and environment.”

Michael Brown
Senior Group Director, DoubleVerify

“Marketers and agencies will be looking for a more controlled, insights-driven approach to their digital advertising. Demand for growth is only going to increase, so understanding what motivates their customers (by market) and what drives them into action, will support a marketing strategy that is based on facts and data.”

Marcus D’Souza
Executive Vice President, Global Sales, MiQ

“As brands optimise their marketing budgets more closely than ever, attribution and addressability will be crucial this year – and the ability to leverage this data to underpin campaigns will be invaluable to marketers. Emerging technologies, such as Ocean Outdoor’s pioneering use of SmartMedia Technologies’ Web3 platform, brings greater addressability and personalisation of OOH whilst tapping into a mobile first audience with a level of granularity not possible before”

Dominic Di Talamo
VP of Growth – SmartMedia Technologies

“2023 will see some of the biggest decisions impacting industry globally as political leaders set out their plans for government ahead of US, European and UK elections in 2024. In an increasingly complex political and economic environment, understanding global and local political priorities will be paramount. There has never been a more important moment for brands to actively engage political, policy and business elite audiences to ensure their industry’s interests are prioritised.”

Molly Fluet
Vice President/Senior Executive Director POLITICO Media Solutions

“2023 will be another big year for short-form video content and we will see a major shift in how we shop through ‘community commerce’ – a unique blend of community, entertainment and shopping. We’ve seen our community continue to prove its resilience and influence by sparking trends and cultural conversations around a swathe of brands. Our focus this year is on making those ad campaigns and cultural moments more efficient and effective, and helping brands measure their impact. To stay ahead, we know that platforms will need to provide brands with ways to creatively and authentically engage with their target audiences, and drive real value in the process.”

Kris Boger
General Manager, UK & Ireland, TikTok

“With more brands undertaking net zero strategies, we are expecting to see an increase in demand for more sustainable practices across the marketing spectrum in 2023. For content production, this means rigorous measurement and integrity, prioritising high-impact sustainable strategies in the journey towards net zero.”

Samantha Adams
VP, Advertising Sales, BBC

“Investing in building long-lasting partnerships based on relationship marketing that offer value and support even after a deal is closed is a crucial tactic for managing today’s challenges. Not only does this help to maximise client lifetime value but it also supports humanising brands to create a stronger image.”

David Verwey
EMEA Vice President & DPO – INFUSEmedia

“In times of economic uncertainty it’s commonplace for brands to over index on lower funnel activity, but does that make sense when research demonstrates that short-termism is killing effectiveness? Brands that continue brand building activity and optimise for attention will drive brand equity, purchase intent, and emerge stronger long term.”

Kevin Paskins
Pan-EMEA Sales Director, Twitch Ads

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