Watch the PAC 2018 Video

Watch the PAC 2018 Video

Date(s) - August 28, 2018
12:00 am

PAC 2018 proved a triumph. We were blessed with Daniel and Jez from Google and Francesca Hills from OMD delivering a clear but inspiring brief that elicited 8 very different responses from our 52 superb delegates.

We were lucky enough to secure the filming location of Inspector Morse, Endeavour (a current day spin-off) and Harry Potter as the new home of PAC. Magdalen college complemented engaging course content with a breathtaking setting and educational history dating back to 1458.

We were lucky enough to secure insight from some of the most experienced and insightful individuals from across our industry.

Our thanks to David Clayton (MD, True&North) Chris Worrell (Head of Strategy, Wavemaker Client Solutions), Enzo Diliberto (Head of Commercial Strategy & Insight, Financial Times), Tanya Robinson (Global Brand Director, National Geographic), Jon Hook (Founder, Mallory Ventures), Karen Carter (Long time champion of the YP’s for the IAA UK, IAA UK and Global board member and MD of Article 10) for sharing their wisdom and insight into how to approach the brief.

Our thanks also to Katie Ingmam (VP of Professional Development committee, IAA UK and Director of Marketing at Quartz), Ryan Afshar (VP Enterprise Solutions, Amobee), Fredrik Borestrom (President of the IAA UK and Agency Development Partner, EMEA at LinkedIn), David Pugh-Jones (VP of Brand for LIFElab.io), Karen Carter and Jon Hook for mentoring our bright young stars as they worked together to solve the brief.

It was inspirational to see the delegates sharing their industry experience , challenging each other on what the ideal response looked like, and finally and in all cases, presenting incredibly professional and actionable responses.

We also want to thank our sponsors; the Financial Times, CNN/ Great Big Story, Euronews, Quartz, Pixability, National Geographic/FOX, Thomson Reuters, Teads and Sizmek.

National Geographic/ Fox’s Wednesday evening “Fun, Quick turnaround” brief saw the wider group of delegates start to get to know each other. We saw teams respond with acted out ideas and “blue sky thinking” that went on to ilicit bold Google brief responses that the clients and judges saw in the final presentations.

A great year for unique approaches and Sizmek’s Friday Night Party saw the rising stars of our industry celebrating the marrying up of different industry experiences into cohesive strategies and executions that Daniel, Jez (Both Google) and Francesca Hills (OMD) are using to inform their comms direction moving forwards.

Our PAC reunion was held at the Teads offices, thanks to Teads, and saw these delegates reconnect on the memories they had shared, and establish the relationships that will benefit them throughout their industry career.

PAC is one of the most influential events on London’s industry calendar. Running for over 27 years, it is where many of our industry find their peers, challenge themselves with insight from industry disciplines outside their own experience and have the chance to ideate outside of the constraints of their channel and creed.

On behalf of the committee, thank you all for making this a very unique year to remember. We look forward to tracking these rising stars as the use their experience to benefit their perspective in our rich and diverse industry. We also look forward to what next years delegates and eventual graduates will bring to the table.

Always Participate. Always Associate. Always Communicate.

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Watch the PAC 2018 Video

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