Neurodiversity At Work

Neurodiversity At Work

Date(s) - March 26, 2021
12:00 am

Back in March our Executive Director, Kirsty Giordani interviewed Dr Nancy Doyle, discussing the topic of neurodiversity and inclusivity at work. Dr Doyle is a Chartered Psychologist, in organisational and occupational psychology and the founder and owner of Genius Within CIC, a social enterprise dedicated to facilitating neurodiversity inclusion through consultancy, talent assessment, workshops and coaching for businesses. Nancy works with customers in finance, technology, and defence towards a future where all neurominorities are able to maximise their potential and work to their strengths. Work is such an important part of society and identity, and with the challenges the world faces we need the full range of human capability focused and included.

You can listen to the full interview above.

Nancy helped create and featured in both series’ of the award-winning BBC Two series Employable Me, where she supported a group of extraordinary job seekers to unlock their own unique talents and abilities in order to secure employment. Syndicated in 2019 in the USA as ‘The Employables”, Nancy continued to deliver the trademark positive assessments and Employable Genius group coaching with some extraordinary individuals as they search for work. The show has been incredibly successful in showing that neurodiversity should not be a barrier to employment.

Nancy is a Research Fellow with Birkbeck, University of London having completed her Doctoral Research at City University of London. Nancy advises NGOs, international and national civil servants and political groups on how to improve disability inclusion. In 2019 she was recognised by the British Psychological

Society with an award for her contribution to Policy Impact in Occupational Psychology.

To discover more you can have a read of Dr Nancy Doyle’s Forbes Interview featuring Kirsty.

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Neurodiversity At Work

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