Boss Your Review

Boss Your Review

Boss Your Review

Date(s) - January 27, 2021
12:00 am

eBoss Your Review

In this interactive session our experts provided actionable insights to help to maximise your chances of nailing your review.

With experts:

Beth Horn (Director, Head of Industry, Retail & Ecommerce, Facebook),

Lucy Shutt-Vine (Commercial Learning & Development Manager, Captify & Career Confidence Coach at LSV Coaching) and

Chris Kenna (CEO and Founder, Brand Advance)

They discussed tactics on:

– How to present your achievements and value

– Negotiation and influencing salary and promotion discussions

– How to defend your position around any missed targets (sales or personal)

Following three short presentations, our experts came together on a panel hosted by IAA UK DIBS VP, Fou Brown, to answer questions, before breaking out into working groups.

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Boss Your Review

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