Shanil Chande

Why did you get involved with IAA TLC?
“I wanted to get involved with the TLC to help create a forum to discuss the things that matter to our industry; be that from a client, agency or “media owner” perspective. After hearing the plans for this new committee and what we’re seeking to achieve, I’m looking forward to getting started and working alongside some great people to ensure that we can deliver highly relevant and thought provoking events and content in the future.”

What part of getting involved in the committee are you most looking forward to?
“The prospect of being able to deliver real-life industry events as life returns to normal is something I’m really looking forward to! The various IAA committees have been fantastic in putting on virtual events throughout the various lockdowns to support professionals at all stages of their careers but nothing beats being able to see and speak to the great talent we have in the industry in person.”

What is a fun fact about you?
“I ran in the Paris marathon in 2014 for Great Ormond Street Hospital; something that I’d love to do again if I get the chance!”

What do you hope to bring to the IAA TLC?
“My background in ad-tech has provided me with an understanding of how technology is challenging and changing the industry across a variety of channels. I hope that I’ll be able to use this experience as part of the TLC moving forwards.”

What would you say to someone considering joining the committee?
“Do it! Apart from the reward of being able to give back to the industry, you also get to work with some great people with diverse skill sets along the way.”

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