Chris Twining

Why did you get involved in the IAA SC?
“I started my career on the international side at MediaCom back in 2014 and almost straight away I was exposed to the IAA community and how everyone mutually had a connection through it. This led to me forming close friendships with a number of the members and through those relationships I was able to attend PAC and the different socials, which naturally meant I was wanted to get involved! The IAA opened a lot of doors for me so naturally I wanted to be part of it.”

What’s the best thing about the SC?
“Just being around an eclectic group of people that are bloody amazing! We’ve had a difficult period through the last couple years with the pandemic, but we still managed to stick together and keep the momentum for the SC going and we threw a pretty amazing Winter Ball at the end of it which was testament to the teamwork!”

What advice would you give to someone who was considering joining the committee?
“Just get stuck in. It’s a great committee for learning as you do and so it makes it quite easy to pick things up and the team even when I started were very welcoming and helped me get stuck in.”

How are you finding your time on the committee?
“I have loved having a group of people I have known now for 3 years to be able to catch up with, have a chat, socialise, etc. and it has helped build a good chemistry so that when it does come to organising the events we know what we want to do achieve and do as a team!”

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