Funny Women

Funny Women

Funny Women

Date(s) - 11th February 2021
12:00 am

Discover Your Voice

Online, obviously!

Do you want to have the confidence to speak in public?Less than 3% of ads depict women in leadership roles, being intelligent or having a sense of humour. It’s no wonder that women lack the confidence to put themselves forward as experts or spokespeople when it comes to speaking on public platforms or in the media.

Women are by nature practical, strong, creative and nurturing and have proven to be the backbone of family and business life during the global pandemic. Yet we’re not as vocal about our achievements and successes as we should be. This event was all about standing up to stand out and giving each other the space to find our voice.

Funny Women is on a mission to bring its brand of feminine creativity and fun to the workplace. This was the first of a new season of HERlarious events aimed at the creative industry and beyond with an online format that maintains our unique blend of workshops, panel discussion and, of course, entertainment, designed to reboot your inner creativity, boost your confidence and discover your voice.

Brought to you in partnership with Mediatel, IAAUK and Kantar.

Online Event

This event was open to anybody of any gender in the creative and communications industries who would like to express their ideas more confidently and freely using some of the tricks of the comedy trade.

If you are a first-jobber, intern, returner to the workplace, furloughed, made redundant or simply in need of a change of direction then a comedy fix is guaranteed to boost your confidence, whatever your level!

We delivered a fun event interacting online with comedy professionals where you can get valuable advice on how to ‘perform’, work independently, bring your ideas to life and develop techniques to communicate more effectively. Covering creating your own material, interpreting body language, storytelling, developing a strong narrative and finding your unique voice in an increasingly competitive business environment.

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