Boss Your Review

Boss Your Review

Boss Your Review

Date(s) - 6th March 2024
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

A helping hand to maximise your chances of nailing your review.

Boss Your Review event was organised with a specific aim of helping individuals to prepare for a performance review – whether that’s an informal catch-up with a manager, or a quarterly/half-year or full annual PDR.

 Targeted at those in early to mid-careers in advertising, marketing & media industry, it’s organised by our Professional Development Committee whose sole purpose is to provide access to learning opportunities to young talent.

 The attendees took away actionable insights on how to present themselves and their achievements, and how to maximise chances of nailing those important outcomes.

 Not just sit-and-listen session, but highly interactive with lots of access to experts in the room.

 Important topics we covered:

  •       How to present your achievements and value
  •       Negotiation and influencing salary and promotion discussion
  •       How to defend your position around any missed targets (sales or personal).

 This was an interactive session guided by the following experts:

  •       Lucy Shutt-Vine – Head of Talent Development, Captify
  •       Dino Myers-Lamptey – Founder, The Barber Shop (TBS)
  •       Chloë Davies – Founder & CEO, It Takes A Village
  •       Naomi Bignold – HR Business Partner, EssenceMediacom.

This event was made possible by generous support of EssenceMediacom. Fancy getting involved next time – get in touch.

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